An Alum’s DCP Bucket List

  • Kitchen Sink with Roomies
  • Visit every Hotel
  • Bus Greet at every hotel
  • Rapunzel Breakfast
  • Crystal Palace
  • Try more chocolate Mousse
  • As many night shows on the same night as possible
  • Room mate Photos
  • Repeat Perfect Record Card
  • Pick up one more shift in Pirates
  • Stay in a Deluxe Resort
  • Buy a fancy bag at Cast Connections
  • Trader Sams
  • Meet 10 professionals in my major
  • Fail at vlogging or rock the blog
  • have friends visit
  • Hard Boil Egg for Toy Story Land
  • Touch Kylo Ren
  • Go to one of the bars to feel awkward and leave
  • Blue Cheese Popcorn in EPCOT
  • Find the Tiny Mardi Gras Celebration
  • See Easter Eggs in the Grand
  • Character Paloza
  • Jiminy Cricket on Earth Day
  • SMU Basketball Game
  • Universal
  • Networking!
  • Volunt-EARS!
  • Backstage Tour
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Waterparks
  • Un-Birthday party
  • Universal Chocolate Factory
  • Margaritaville
  • Get Random Buttons for fun
  • Hollywood Dine & Vine

Hours From Day 0

My car is packed. Move-in paper work is printed. The Groupme’s are buzzing. The vlog is diving (Sorry not sorry). My Instagram is booming. Tomorrow I make the journey to Orlando. Everything is almost in order for me to start working for the mouse. I’m the third of my room mates to check-in. We got Vista Way.

Overall I’m excited and nervous but ready to try something new.

10 Days Away From Round 2

So I’m 10 days out from my second Disney College Program. I’ve linked with room mates, started packing, and bought anything I don’t mind driving with. I’ve talked myself out of clothes that I would only wear once. I’ve also talked myself into more Disney outfits then I need. I’ve gotten socks since Bus Greeters wear white with shorts and black with pants. Currently I spend my days packing and un packing when I’m not messaging everyone I’m excited to see again. The anticipation this round is so much more because I get to see friends who I’ve missed so much. Also so many friends and family members are committing to visiting me.

Major Things to do before I leave include:

  • Decide if the vlog is happening now or later
  • Caesar Ball
  • Pack
  • Room mate Gifts
  • Doctor Visits
  • Bucket List Publishing

See you Real Soon!


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Holidays in Walt Disney World can be over whelming for a first time visitor. Each park has some festive display or show. Even the resorts get in on the action by decorating trees and massive ginger bread displays. Below are my top 5 holiday things to do in WDW.

  1. Candlelight Processional- Narrated by celebrities this show offers the perfect amount of classic and modern holiday cheer. Check out my recent Youtube video featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Ming Na-Wen.
  2. Ginger Bread House- In the Grand there is the grandest gingerbread house anyone has ever seen. You can even buy some ginger bread to take home with you.
  3. Christmas around the world- Back in EPCOT, World Showcase presents each country’s Christmas traditions. Kids will love the silliness while adults will find each display informative.
  4. Christmas Tree Trail in Springs- Back in 2017, the Trail features trees themed for different Disney movies.
  5. Holiday Characters- Usually each character meet and greet in Animal Kingdom switches to Christmas outfits mid November. Another place to find festive friends is character dining in Hollywood Studios. Keep an eye out for your favorite holiday friends the week of Christmas.dsc_0367

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Common CP Abbreviations

And other confusing terms. If you see any Abbreviations missing, add it in the comments.

ADO- Approved Day Off

Ad/Lib- Adventureland Liberty Square

AP- Annual Pass

Applied/ Submission- The long waiting game during the application process.

BatB- Beauty and the Beast anything sometimes the show

BBB/PL- Bibbity Bobbity Boutique/ Pirates League

Blueberries- Character Attendant

CA- Character Attendant or Children Activities

Casting- Background check and additional new hire paper work

CM- Cast Member general regardless of status

CP- College Program or Character Performer (less common most just say performer or their friend group)

CS- Chatham Square

CUS- Custodial

DAK- Disney’s Animal Kingdom (sometimes called AK)

DAKL- Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (sometimes called AKL)

DHS- Disney Hollywood Studios (sometimes called HS or MGM)

EPCOT- Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or Every paycheck comes on Thursdays could be either

DLR- Disneyland Resort

DS- Disney Springs or Downtown Disney

ER- Leaving early from a shift

FA- Fall Advantage (Program Dates May/ June through January)

Fall- (Program dates August/ September through January)

FOF- Festival of Fantasy

FOH- Front of House

FP- Fast pass

FT- Full Time Cast Member

H/H- Host/ Hostess

HEA- Happily Ever After

HOH- Heart of House

Hub- Cast Member website for scheduling and discounts

PC- Patterson Court

PI- Phone Interview or Professional Internship

PT-Part Time Cast Member

Merch- A merchandise cast member

MK- Magic Kingdom

MSEP- Main Street Electrical Parade

NLIC- No Longer in Consideration

Ops- Operations

OJT- On the Job Training

QSFB- Quick Service Food & Beverage (Also called QS or QSR)

RDO- Regular Day Off

RoL- Rivers of Light (sometimes called RL)

ROS- Release of Shift (when you get sick at work)

SA- Spring Advantage (Program dates January/ February through August)

Spring- (Program dates January through May)

ST- Hollywood Studios

Traditions- CM orientation

Under Review- The shorter waiting game

VW- Vista Way

WDW- Walt Disney World


All the Work Locations

So I realized I never posted about where I picked up during my program.


Ta-Da A comprehensive collage of every costume I wore during my Disney college program.

Top Row (Left to Right): Seas with Nemo and friends, Pirates in Adventure land, Memento Mori, Ye Old Christmas Shoppe, Magic Kingdom Glow Carts.

Middle Row (Left to Right): Image Works (Gift shop after Figment), Blizzard Beach Haus, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party outfit, Discovery Island Trading Co (The big DAK gift shop).

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Adventure land Zone 1, Stock Costume MK, Fantasmic Glow, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party outfit, and Disney’s Days of Christmas store in Springs.

Merchandise is a great role in that you have the ability to work any where on Disney Property.

DCP Application Anniversary

One year ago I applied for the Disney College Program. I wanted to try something different and shine. I could never have anticipated the memories, friendships, or the self growth I would experience while in Orlando.

If you have any questions about the Disney College Program hmu. I would love to share my adventure with you.

Saying Goodbye


Crying my way out of my college program. This is a walk through of my last week.

It has been a week and a half since I left Disney and arrived back home. My final schedule was Sunday through Tuesday glow shifts. I then had Wednesday to pack and play then Thursday I hit the road.

My mom came down and used my last guest pass the day of my last shift. She took a bunch of photos and played in magic kingdom all day

The next day we packed up my room after my room mate had gone to work. I meet up with some friends at Fantasmic and my room mate Shannon and I cried through Star Wars fireworks. I then went and wandered around magic kingdom extra magic hours.

The next morning my mother wakes me up tells me she’ll put the last bags in the car and check out while I go play in Magic kingdom a few more hours.

She then picked me up at the Contemporary and we hit the road.

What’s next you ask. Well I have 14 credit hours till I get a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in arts management. So in May I will graduate and go be an enginerd some where else. Hopefully.

All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them.

I wrote this on my tablet so please excuse the errors, lack of photos, and extreme delay