Common CP Abbreviations

And other confusing terms. If you see any Abbreviations missing, add it in the comments.

ADO- Approved Day Off

Ad/Lib- Adventureland Liberty Square

AP- Annual Pass

Applied/ Submission- The long waiting game during the application process.

BatB- Beauty and the Beast anything sometimes the show

BBB/PL- Bibbity Bobbity Boutique/ Pirates League

Blueberries- Character Attendant

CA- Character Attendant or Children Activities

Casting- Background check and additional new hire paper work

CM- Cast Member general regardless of status

CP- College Program or Character Performer (less common most just say performer or their friend group)

CS- Chatham Square

CUS- Custodial

DAK- Disney’s Animal Kingdom (sometimes called AK)

DAKL- Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (sometimes called AKL)

DHS- Disney Hollywood Studios (sometimes called HS or MGM)

EPCOT- Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or Every paycheck comes on Thursdays could be either

DLR- Disneyland Resort

DS- Disney Springs or Downtown Disney

ER- Leaving early from a shift

FA- Fall Advantage (Program Dates May/ June through January)

Fall- (Program dates August/ September through January)

FOF- Festival of Fantasy

FOH- Front of House

FP- Fast pass

FT- Full Time Cast Member

H/H- Host/ Hostess

HEA- Happily Ever After

HOH- Heart of House

Hub- Cast Member website for scheduling and discounts

PC- Patterson Court

PI- Phone Interview or Professional Internship

PT-Part Time Cast Member

Merch- A merchandise cast member

MK- Magic Kingdom

MSEP- Main Street Electrical Parade

NLIC- No Longer in Consideration

Ops- Operations

OJT- On the Job Training

QSFB- Quick Service Food & Beverage (Also called QS or QSR)

RDO- Regular Day Off

RoL- Rivers of Light (sometimes called RL)

ROS- Release of Shift (when you get sick at work)

SA- Spring Advantage (Program dates January/ February through August)

Spring- (Program dates January through May)

ST- Hollywood Studios

Traditions- CM orientation

Under Review- The shorter waiting game

VW- Vista Way

WDW- Walt Disney World



All the Work Locations

So I realized I never posted about where I picked up during my program.


Ta-Da A comprehensive collage of every costume I wore during my Disney college program.

Top Row (Left to Right): Seas with Nemo and friends, Pirates in Adventure land, Memento Mori, Ye Old Christmas Shoppe, Magic Kingdom Glow Carts.

Middle Row (Left to Right): Image Works (Gift shop after Figment), Blizzard Beach Haus, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party outfit, Discovery Island Trading Co (The big DAK gift shop).

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Adventure land Zone 1, Stock Costume MK, Fantasmic Glow, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party outfit, and Disney’s Days of Christmas store in Springs.

Merchandise is a great role in that you have the ability to work any where on Disney Property.

DCP Application Anniversary

One year ago I applied for the Disney College Program. I wanted to try something different and shine. I could never have anticipated the memories, friendships, or the self growth I would experience while in Orlando.

If you have any questions about the Disney College Program hmu. I would love to share my adventure with you.

Saying Goodbye


Crying my way out of my college program. This is a walk through of my last week.

It has been a week and a half since I left Disney and arrived back home. My final schedule was Sunday through Tuesday glow shifts. I then had Wednesday to pack and play then Thursday I hit the road.

My mom came down and used my last guest pass the day of my last shift. She took a bunch of photos and played in magic kingdom all day

The next day we packed up my room after my room mate had gone to work. I meet up with some friends at Fantasmic and my room mate Shannon and I cried through Star Wars fireworks. I then went and wandered around magic kingdom extra magic hours.

The next morning my mother wakes me up tells me she’ll put the last bags in the car and check out while I go play in Magic kingdom a few more hours.

She then picked me up at the Contemporary and we hit the road.

What’s next you ask. Well I have 14 credit hours till I get a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in arts management. So in May I will graduate and go be an enginerd some where else. Hopefully.

All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them.

I wrote this on my tablet so please excuse the errors, lack of photos, and extreme delay

Common Cast Member Questions

Here are some common guest questions for working in the Magic Kingdom.

  1. Where’s the bathroom? This is only a tricky question in Liberty Square where there is no close bathroom
  2. Asking directions anywhere followed by Are you SURE that’s the quickest way? In all honesty no it isn’t but if I said go through that path that looks questionable and on the backside of another building you would get so lost and confused. Therefor for you yes it is the quickest way.
  3. What time is the 3 o’clock Parade? Okay so it isn’t the 3 o’clock Parade anymore but we still get this question.
  4. How much is this? Not usually a terrible question except for when you cut in line, hear us talking with another guest, asked 5 minutes ago, didn’t read the label, or rudely question us when we tell you.
  5. How much is everything on the cart/ in the store? Probably $16 cause that seems to be the average cost of anything in Disney World right now. Unless it is an ornament then $23.
  6. Is this for sale? (Holds up cast member’s personal water bottle) No and can you please not touch my water bottle. Yes Disney generously supplies the staff water bottles no they are not for you or your kid to touch or taste.   
  7. Do you work here? No I just put on this tie, mop hat, tights, maroon pants, or any other bright out fit from another era for the photos.
  8. Is your name really X? Okay so the secret of Chris from Orlando is out but that’s no reason to question everyone’s name. Also I’ve meet a real Chris from Orlando so they do exist.
  9. Can I tell you a story? Yes guests tell some of the craziest stories. My room mate in Animal Kingdom was told about a squirrel taken out by a stroller. The family now pours out beer in Mr. Squirrel’s memory. I kinda enjoy the strange guest stories but some life stories should not be shared or forced upon us. 
  10. This X item looks funny or is some other form of not working can I get another? Of course you can just give me the broken one and grab a new one. This isn’t a big deal. It is just Disney making sure it has good product promotion. If you see broken light up toys why would you be inclined to buy one for your kid? Basically if your in Disney with a broken Disney product ask and a cast member will gladly give you another one. 
  11. When is the Main Street Electrical Parade or SpectroMagic? It has been multiple years since SpectroMagic was in Orlando and we sent MSEP to California in October.  I’ve also had the guest say I was wrong when I told them there is no night time parade. Camping on the curb won’t make it come, we tried.
  12. How do I get to Mine Train? 

The Princess Files

It only took me my entire program but I have meet every Disney Princess on my Disney College Program. I am going to meet Moana next week before work one day. But she claims that she isn’t a Princess

So here are my reviews of Princess meet and greets.

  1. Snow White: (By Guest Relations Magic Kingdom) I honestly don’t remember the character interaction at all. However huge shout out to the photo pass and character attendant. They were working the crowd and talking with every guest who came up. I got called out as a cast member for my lovely sundress and work shoes combo. But hey just because I have work at 5 doesn’t mean I can’t make a 4 pm mine train fast pass. You do what you gotta do on this program DSC02785.JPG
  2. Cinderella : (Princess Fairy tale Hall MK) The princess was rude. She talked up her eye color and was just plain annoying. It was right before a Halloween Party that I was going to as the fairy godmother. So yes my photo is precious but Cindy I’m never coming back girly  (Okay except for that time my friend and I had to see Elena but we could’ve skipped yah). DSC_0002 (3).JPG
  3. Aurora: (Princess Fairy tale Hall MK) After witnessing the awkwardly Cindy interaction Aurora was precious and the sweetest meet and greet. We talked about her 3 fairies and she assumed I knew them from fairy school. She was the most in character princess I talked to. DSC_0006 (3).JPG
  4. Ariel: (Ariel’s Grotto Magic Kingdom)This girl talked about gadgets and gizmos. I love how this meet and greet is so similar to one they had when I was a little kid. She seemed super excited to be able to make jokes with someone who wasn’t 3 years old. Also green is her favorite color cause have you seen her tail?DSC_0315.JPG
  5. Belle (France Pavilion EPCOT): My last of the original princesses to meet. We were both feeling fashionable to instead of being bookish we compared outfits and talked about her enchanted friends. Everyone back at the castle is doing great and I must try the Grey stuff next time. This Princess needs an inside line for how popular she is. I got there 20 minutes early and I still waited 15 to meet her. The line was all the way to the Moroccan restaurant before they cut it. Like give the people some shade.DSC_0140 (2).JPG
  6. Jasmine (Adventure land Magic Kingdom): This was one of her last days in the old costume. I love working by this meet and greet and meeting them is always a pleasure. DSC_0444 (2)
  7. Pocahontas: (Between Dinoland and the Discovery Island Trading Company Animal Kingdom) I can’t even make an excuse for this costume. This meet and greet beware they have the potential to make the line start and stop wherever so it could be a very long or short wait. I went when Animal Kingdom wasn’t crowded however during peak season she can get an hour wait. (these photos might be lost 😦 )
  8. Mulan: (China Pavilion EPCOT) Slay Queen Slay! Candlelight or character you always make the day awesome. Same crazy line as Belle except inside.DSC_0133 (2).JPGDSC_0124 (2).JPG
  9. Tiana:(Princess Fairy tale Hall MK) Best character ever! I always have the best conversations with Tiana usually about New Orleans food or Mardi Gras. dsc_0391
  10. Rapunzel: (Princess Fairy tale Hall MK)This is my favorite Disney Princess and the fact that she is paired with my home girl Tiana this killer pair makes for the best of nights. Ask her about Pascal or Maximus.DSC_0224
  11. Merida: (Near the Cosmic Ray’s, Magic Kingdom) I’m not sure why she thought the Little Orange Bird was a bear but she was a big fan of the adventure land life style. DSC02772.JPG
  12. Anna and Elsa: (Norway Pavilion EPCOT) Shorter than the ride and all the same jokes give them an inch they’ll pun yah a mile.DSC_0099 (2).JPGDSC_0105 (2).JPG
  13. Elena:(Princess Fairy tale Hall MK) I know nothing about her besides how gorgeous her dress is.DSC_0036.JPG
  14. Moana: Coming soon!!!!

Swinging Good Times

So College Program Formal happened and everyone was super excited for it. This year the theme was Magic Kingdom and thus the 45th Anniversary. The night included dancing, pasta bar, photo ops, and a nacho bar that charged extra for the guac.

Okay just kidding but it was a guac less nacho bar. So the nacho bar disappointment was real.

I stuck mainly to the photos and had a good time.

Candle Light Processional Round 1

(We hope)

So the other day a few of my room mates and I were off and we decided day of to shell out the cash to see Neil Patrick Harris at the Candle Light Processional.  Sure it is a free event. However we didn’t want to camp out all day in the sun to possibly get into the last showing.

Your probably thinking dude you’ll be off another one. Truth is yes we will probably be off another one but going in a group was half the fun.

So at this point your either thinking what in Mickey’s back yard is she talking about or that made perfect sense to you.

For those still confused

The Candle light Processional is where a guest celebrity reads the Nativity story to an audience in the amphitheater in the American Pavilion. This is accompanied by a choir composed of cast members, top high school groups, and the Voices of Liberty. It is essentially a pump up to the holiday seasons.

Now Disney offers Dining Packages where you pay a little more than the average meal at a restaurant for an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Basically each person must get all 3 to make it worth it. So yes my room mates and I each got a 3 course meal that was 5 to 15 dollars more than what we would have paid for the privilege of getting first choice of seats to the Candle Light Processional. And it worth it.

For our dining we got a table at the Captain’s Grille in Yacht and Beach Club. I would go back there again. 15320346_10154736179809859_612242164_n.jpg

We then returned to EPCOT and wandered around looking at the Christmas decorations. We lined up extra early the group in front of us had arrived 3 and a half hours early to wait in line. I have heard it isn’t as bad for other celebrities but I would stick to playing in the back of world showcase just to be safe. I didn’t mind the waiting the lake looks nice and the area has a nice breeze. We also saw a double rain bow which was super cool.

DSC_0814 (3).JPG

DSC_0916 (3).JPG

I have a reservation for another speaker however due to costs and scheduling it might not happen. I’m super glad I made it to this one.